Friday, January 21, 2011

Life's Good

Well today has been quite the long day. not a bad day just a...drug out day. I lifted today at 8 o'clock this morning then basically had class all day long. BTW the strength and conditioning coach has completely annihilated my legs and chest. we have to lift four times a week for 6 weeks... ugh... im sincerely thinking about tryin out for the baseball team to go pitch. was just a regular day. My weekend should be kinda fun because im going on a FCA camp in Shreveport, LA. basically we will be split up into teams such as the jets, steelers, bears, and packers, and basically all the schools from Louisiana will have an FCA group going. We are gonna be playin alot of sports but the main reason we goin is to hear the word of God. 
Made it through the first week of school and football conditioning. wheeww lemme tell you it was tough. But God is good and I know he will push me through anything that comes my way. I know this is all random and stuff but let me just tell you that me and my fiance' have a great long distance relationship. Everytime I get on the phone to talk to her she brings a radiant smile to my face. i see her on skype every night for a while and we can just talk the night away. she really is somethin else to be able to stay strong through a tough time in our lives and love unconditionally. Oh and might i add I am so proud of her for makin her softball team and now she is going to walk on her college team as well! woot woot whoever reads this just keep her in your prayers that she will do great. she is a great young woman who really has her head on straight oh did i add that im in love with her too!! I love you baby(: 
Well I guess i gotta get off here we are leavin for camp in about 10 min or so. i hope everyone has a great, fun, and safe weekend and God Bless(: 
I'll let you know how the camp was!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Bit Bout Me

Hey so i'm new to this whole blogging thing. I probably will bore some of you with my stories but me a little something to do in my spare time. For those of you who don't know I go to Grambling State University and I am also on a football scholarship as a kicker. Its kinda funny to see people's reaction when I say I'm at Grambling because they are in shock...well GSU is an HBC (historically black college) and yes I'm one of the few white kids.
Anyways...I was just recently engaged to the girl of my dreams (: yea i know she is freakin amazing. I met her my sophomore year in high school and were just friends all the way up until my senior year and then it all started at a D-Backs baseball game. I find myself very fortunate to have the people I do in my life. My parents are awesome and they are always there for me when I just need to talk. I have two little is 15 and the other is 11. I couldn't ask for much more at the time.
Well that is basically it for now. I'm going to just keep up on some of my life on here. Its kinda for people to just read if they want and they find themselves bored. so there it is my first ever blog! haha